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You asked, AJAA listened!  Your Frequently Asked Questions, answered.

1. Why are the fields / gyms spread out all over town?  That’s not how things are in places like Center Grove, for example.

Answer:   AJAA purchased portions and received other portions of the land located off of 625 as a donation, which is where most of our baseball diamonds and clubhouse are located.  However, AJAA does not own any other facilities. Currently, AJAA has relationships to rent and/or use field and gym space from Avon Schools.  Unfortunately, these are not located near the AJAA facilities.

2. Why does it cost so much to play AJAA sports?

Answer:   AJAA makes every attempt to keep its costs in line with what similar local organizations charge for similar offerings.  However, AJAA does not receive any financial support from Hendricks County, the Town of Avon, or Washington Township, unlike many surrounding communities.  AJAA currently has a multi-year contract with Avon Schools, where AJAA pays over $30,000.00 annually for the ability to use previously unused softball and baseball diamonds, provided that AJAA also prepares and maintains the playing surfaces, which is also at a large expense to AJAA.  Under the contract with Avon Schools, AJAA also rents various school gymnasiums for winter sports such as basketball.  There are some programs that require extra gym space not covered in the ACSC contract, for which AJAA pays additional fees, on top of the contract. The cost to provide quality field or gym space, uniforms, referees, insurance, and staff to make it all happen all go into our pricing.

As well, insurance expenses are at an all-time high and each player within the organization must be covered for liability. Youth sports organizations must carry high premium coverage in case of damage or injury. Where other communities are able to spread these expenses across a entire parks and recreation budget, AJAA maintains all expenses for the organization.

3. What goes into my player’s fee?

Answer:   Your player’s fee includes the following: uniform, equipment purchases and/or rental, referees / officials, gym / field rental, safety and first aid equipment, training for coaches, trophies and awards, marketing and printing of materials, utilities at fields, insurance coverage, and administrative costs to process fees and maintain programs.

4. Why does AJAA charge a membership fee?

Answer:   AJAA strives to keep our costs for our players low, despite constant increases in costs of uniforms, field/gym rental, and the like.  In doing so, in the past, we have requested families to fundraise.  Unfortunately, many families do not have time or ability to participate.  This led to AJAA offering an option to either pay a membership fee of $50 per family or participate in fundraising efforts.  Unfortunately, again, many families who indicated they desired to opt-out of the membership fee and participate in fundraising did not actually do so.  Moving forward, the $50 membership fee per family will be a requirement.

5. The clubhouse is old and outdated.  Why can’t you update it?

Answer:  See Question #2.  At this time, AJAA works diligently to try to raise sponsorship and donation income. With the state of the economy, many businesses do not have extra funds to donate. The family fee has helped AJAA raise capital funds to make improvements, such as the remodeling of the clubhouse in 2022. Unfortunately, the process is slow and long to raise funds to continue to improve our facilities outside the normal sports programs. We are excited that we were able to relocate back to the fields in 2022, saving additional expense of office rent. As AJAA does not have financial backing from Hendricks County, the Town of Avon, or Washington Township, it is up to donors, sponsors and our members to help us reach our goal of an improved facility to serve you better. We hope each of our families feel pride in helping our Avon community have a safe and fun place for kids to play recreationally.

6. Why does AJAA pay its staff so much?

Answer:   AJAA provides opportunities for more than 3,700 Avon youth to play sports.  AJAA is the only organization in Hendricks County and the surrounding counties hosting more than 20 different sports programs.  Our strength is in our numbers, which gives us buying power with vendors for uniforms and equipment. The only other similar organizations offering multiple sports in the Indianapolis Metropolitan area are Carmel, Westfield and HSE.  The sheer number of players, programs, and overlapping seasons cannot be managed by volunteers, or only one person.  At the present time, AJAA employs three (3) individuals, including the Executive Director, Director of Operations, and Director of Facilities. We hope our organization understands the constant demands and pride we take in providing these programs for our youth, at the same time, can acknowledge the amount of work this provides to 3 staff members. AJAA provides these individuals with either a salary or hourly pay, but no benefits such as insurance or retirement funding.  AJAA programs would not run without having employees; there is too much involved to staff the organization entirely with volunteers.  For example, families have the opportunity to volunteer during their child’s season.  Unfortunately, most families do not have the time to help out, which we respect and understand. Therefore, this causes the need for us to have paid staff on hand.

7. What does the AJAA Board of Directors do?

Answer:   The AJAA Board advises, governs, oversees policy and strategic planning for the organization, and provides financial oversight.  They also act as an advocate or liaison on behalf of AJAA in various community outreach opportunities.  The Board also assists with participation in special projects, events, and/or activities of the organization, such as fundraising efforts.  The Board also serves as a resource for AJAA staff, helping to render decisions, including suspension if warranted, on any protest or problem that comes before the Board, from our staff.  As a group of volunteers, the Board simply cannot weigh in on personnel decisions for the nearly 600 coaches who volunteer for AJAA every year and trust our amazing AJAA staff to manage the day-to-day operation of this organization.

8. Does the Board of Directors get paid?

Answer:   No.  Being a Board member is a volunteer position, just like the amazing coaches, coordinators, commissioners, and other folks who help out on a day-to-day basis.  The only individuals who are paid by AJAA are staff.

9. Why doesn’t AJAA have more girls playing sports?

Answer:   Girls are welcome to play in all AJAA sports programs.  Unfortunately, the number of girls who sign up for sports is not on par with boys’ registrations.  After speaking with similarly situated youth sports organizations, there are simply fewer girls signing up for youth sports overall.  AJAA would welcome and support greater participation from girls in our sports.  AJAA strives to be inclusive to all interested participants, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.


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